My services are diverse. I can write content in different formats and on a variety of topics. With that said, I typically write blog content, landing pages, and social media posts. However, I can create various content marketing pieces to grow your business. Find out more about the types of content I write, my areas of expertise and more. Reach out if you have questions about your specific project or if you want to learn more!

Types of content I write:

  • Blog content, including guest posts
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Website content (landing pages, about us pages, etc.)
  • White papers/ebooks
  • Buying guides
  • ecommerce content

In addition to writing, I also edit existing content. Do you have some landing pages or blog posts you just can’t seem to get across the finish line? I can help. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of AI content editing. I edit website content for grammar and SEO optimization.

Area of content marketing expertise:

  • I have written extensively about marketing. Most of this content is about utilizing promotional products as marketing tools, and the benefits of green marketing.
  • I’ve written for leading consumer electronic retailers, lifestyle influencers, home décor brands, locksmiths, exterminators, print shops specializing in custom t-shirts, commercial cleaning businesses, contractors and more.

I have written ecommerce content for the following categories:

  • Consumer electronics, including computers, mobile phones, TVs, receivers, speakers, and accessories.
  • Home appliances from slow cooks to refrigerators.
  • Custom reusable promotional products, including bags, water bottles, and pens.
  • Pet supplies, ranging from fish tank vacuums to jackets for dogs.

Skills I bring to the table, or rather the keyboard:

  • SEO optimization. Good content needs to inform the reader, and it also needs to make nice with algorithms. I craft content that is easy to read, natural sounding, relays key points, and scores well with search engines.
  • Content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy to promote a brand through the creation and distribution of targeted content.
  • I write in a feature/benefit style when applicable. This is particularly useful when writing ecommerce content, but it is applicable to other styles of writing. By explaining the benefits of a product or service consumers are able to clearly understand what they get out of that product or service. All content should be informative, but retail content needs to answer all of the questions a consumer may have – even the questions they don’t realize to ask.
  • Images and screenshots. Visual content brings value and clarity to posts and helps to break up written content.
  • Formatting. Content needs to be easy to read and attractive to view. For content that is likely to be read on a phone or tablet, it’s important to break apart paragraphs into smaller, easier to manage sections.