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AI is changing how things are done. Outsourcing basic tasks can streamline processes and make crossing items off your to-do list easy. Artificial intelligence can be a tremendous time-saver, but only if used properly. Learn more about the pros and cons of using AI for SEO and how AI content editing can help.

Elevate Your Content

AI-generated content can cover a range of topics and fit into various formats. If you are someone who struggles with content creation or just doesn’t have time to write, AI can be a lifesaver of sorts. AI-generated content has shortcomings, but this content can provide a good starting point. AI content editing can take the text to the next level, providing value regarding customer experience and SEO optimization.

Just the Facts

Content created by artificial intelligence may not be factually accurate, so it’s important to review any stats or claims to ensure the information is correct. You want to relay accurate information to your readers so they know what’s going on, but you also want to establish your brand as a reliable source of information.

Something New

Plagiarism can easily happen when using AI for content creation. AI works by reviewing available information to ‘learn’ about a topic. For this reason, AI-generated content often sounds like existing content elsewhere on the web. Plagiarism is still plagiarism, even if it isn’t intentional or if you are unaware of the original content.

Google hates plagiarism. All content published on your site should be fresh and original. New content that helps your readers and showcases your brand’s expertise and authority is essential to ranking a page. AI content editing will make the text sound fresh and remove any repetitive or redundant phrasing that may impact Google’s opinion of your site. A strong edit will ensure the content is useful and provides value to readers.

AI content editing

Human Element

AI content will not match your brand’s voice or tone. While the information may be on point, it will sound out of place. Reworking the content to sound consistent with your brand’s tone will make it feel cohesive with the rest of your website, social media posts, and any other content available. AI content editing injects a human element into the words, so it sounds like you wrote them instead of outsourcing your work to a robot. 

Not Enough Time in a Day

You’re busy, so outsourcing your content creation needs to AI sounds like a great idea, and it can be. AI-generated content will need a lot of help to make it worthwhile for your readers and website. Editing the content will ensure it is correct, original, and aligns with your brand. Any time you save writing is often used for editing. 

AI content editing is necessary, but just because it’s necessary doesn’t mean you have to do it. Working with an editor is a great way to ensure the finished content meets your needs. Learn more about my services, including AI content editing, or check out my SEO packages to see if those would be a good fit for your content needs. Reach out if you have questions or are ready to start.

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