How to Create Content Worth Sharing

Social media is a great way to leverage your brand to reach a wider audience. As your followers like and share your posts they will position your brand in front of their followers. This increased exposure can accelerate your brand’s growth. However, this can end up being so much easier said than done and the entire process can be incredibly frustrating.

Or rather, it can be difficult until you figure out the type of content people are more likely to share. Here’s what you need to know in order to create content worth sharing.

Understanding High-Quality Content and Shareable Content

High-quality content is pertinent information that is free of errors or grammar issues and structured in a way that it is easy to read. This type of content pulls readers in and keeps them reading. The primary goal of high-quality content is to educate consumers about your brand and products or services. This education should help to convert sales and establish a bond between your customers and your brand.

High-quality content should also be shareable. The goal behind shareable content is to get your current followers to share it, so you can pick up new followers. In some very specific instances, a strategy may require content that is more focused on converting sales than growing your brand, but typically, high-quality and shareable are one and the same.

Types of Content People Share

You can reverse-engineer your topics to create content people will be more likely to share. When you understand the types of content people are more inclined to share, you can then set out to create that content. People are more likely to share content if it is:

  • Interesting
  • Important
  • Funny

Customized Approach

This may not really clarify things because these terms are very broad, but interesting, important and funny are starting points. When you figure out what sort of topics appeal to your audience you can then go about creating such content.

These terms mean very different things to different demographics, so you’ll need to figure out how to apply them to fit your audience. A word of caution, what is funny to one demographic may not hit the mark with another. While it is important to create content that appeals to your demographic, you want to consider the wider impact. Avoid introducing confusion or misunderstandings with people on the outskirts of your demographic. Content should be geared towards your ideal audience, but avoid anything that could possibly attract the wrong kind of attention.

You know your audience, so you can create content that directly appeals to them.

content worth sharing

Learn As You Go

Track your results, so you can fine-tune your approach. Google Analytics makes this easy. Look for patterns in the content that is shared, as well as patterns in the content that is not shared. When you identify these patterns, you can replicate these methods or avoid them depending on the data.

Overall Strategy

The topic is a major factor when it comes to creating blog content worth sharing. Although, the topic is just one part of the overall strategy. Other factors, like the use of images, graphics and videos, along with your brand voice and the length of your blog posts and articles all play a role in shareability.

Time Management

Between creating a strategy, creating the content and then sharing the content across social media the entire process is time-consuming. Fitting it all in while also running your business can be a challenge. Or you can outsource your content needs, freeing you to focus on what you have to do while still enjoying the benefits of a finely crafted and implemented content marketing strategy. This is where I can help. Let me know what you want to do with your blog, and I can get to it.

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