Easy Blog Post Ideas

Simple Plans to Deal with Writer’s Block

You already know content marketing is an effective strategy to grow your business. However, this plan completely hinges on continually putting new content out into the world. This may have seemed easy enough when you first got started, but after a while, your creative well has gone dry. This is bound to happen. Inspiration will likely strike again soon, but in the meantime, you need to keep moving forward and create high-quality content. Here are some easy blog post ideas to keep you writing when you are fresh out of ideas.

Consult Your FAQs

Check out the FAQ page of your site. Find a question or questions, you routinely field from customers and write a blog post around that. If you don’t have an FAQ page, you should consider creating one. In that case, check your email, social media or just think back to the questions people ask. If one person asked the question, it’s likely other people had the same question but didn’t speak up.

Easy Blog Post Ideas

Address the question to clear up any confusion and help your customers better understand your products and services. Proactively providing information helps readers who may have questions while also presenting your brand as helpful and approachable. Direct readers to your FAQ page to find answers to other questions they may have and encourage them to ask questions not currently addressed. Make sure to add any new questions to your FAQ page.

Pro Tip

If you find you are answering the same questions again and again, this info may need a more visible home on your site than on the FAQ page or in a blog post. For instance, if you have a print shop, and customers are always asking questions about requirements for submitted artwork, it may better serve your clients to place this info on a ‘how we work’ type of page on your site.

Address Comments

A variation of writing blog posts around FAQs is to write a post around blog or social media comments. If the comment was insightful or posed a question and is something that could be turned into a blog post, then go for it. Maybe you wrote a blog post about 5 tips to do something, and a reader left a comment about a tip they use that didn’t make your list. Write a blog post around that tip and possibly look for more tips. Make sure to give credit where it is due.

Go Behind the Scenes

Give your readers a glimpse behind the curtain. People like seeing the inner workings. This can be a nice way to introduce your team and help customers put faces to names. This is also a great way to help readers see the people behind your brand. Transform your business from a faceless brand, into real living and breathing people who have names, pets, favorite flavors of ice cream, and a unique set of life experiences that make them uniquely positioned to do their job.

Easy Blog Post Ideas

Solicit Help

You can also just ask for easy blog post ideas. Poll your readers to find out what they want to read about. This method ensures you are giving your readers what they want and you’ll have a built-in audience.

You can also ask members of your team, friends, family or whomever. If you work in a technical business, it may be helpful to ask your less technical acquaintances what they would like to understand or learn more about. You are likely so caught up in what you do that you take a lot of your knowledge for granted. Gaining an outside perspective can help you come up with informative topics that will educate your readers and provide value.

Easy Blog Post Ideas

Call in Reinforcements for Easy Blog Post Ideas

Routinely cranking out blog posts when you are also running your business can be stressful. Blog posts are a necessary component of your content marketing strategy, but who has the time? That may have sounded like a rhetorical question, but it isn’t. The answer is me. I have the time to write your blog and I can also come up with topics to keep you in a steady supply of blog posts. The way this works is we chat, I get a handle on your business and what exactly it is that you do. You can tell me what you envision from detailed outlines to abstract concepts or I brainstorm topics for you. We’ll reconvene, I’ll run my ideas by you and once I have your approval I’ll get to work writing your blog.

Do you have questions or are you ready to do this? Let’s talk.

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