Tips to Write a Quality Headline

There are so many components to an SEO strategy, and while each part matters, there is one element that stands out above the rest, and that’s headlines. It may seem insignificant, but headlines matter a lot. Taking time to craft a quality headline is essential. Find out why headlines matter so much and what goes into creating a quality headline.

Demonstrate Value

A headline is the first thing a potential reader sees when your blog post turns up in a search result or is shared on social media. If you have a fantastic article but a so-so headline, no one will know about your great article. The headline can pull a reader in or send them on their way. 

A good headline will hook the reader and make them want to learn more. To learn more, the user will need to click a link and that click will help your SEO ranking. A quality headline is basically a sneak peek that shows your reader you have useful information.

Headline Writing Tips

Headlines now fall under the SEO umbrella, but they predate the internet and have always mattered. Here’s what you need to know about writing a high-quality headline.

Get to the Point

A quality headline is unique and zeros in on the topic. The reasons are two-fold. First, people are constantly bombarded with information, and you are attempting to come at them with more information. Get to the point so they understand what they can gain from reading your post. Second, headlines have limited space, so you need to spell things out as clearly as possible.

Get Personal

A quality headline will connect with your audience, so it must appeal to your demographic. It also helps if the headline conveys a sense of exclusivity or importance. Make your reader feel like the article was crafted specifically for them and addresses a need they understand.

List Things Out

Numbered lists typically do very well, so if you have a blog post that’s delivering 10 tips on a given topic, then include that in the headline. The brain is attracted to numbers, particularly odd numbers. Give your headline an edge and include numbers as applicable. 

Compelling Language

Use terms that give people a reason to check out the post. Again, this helps to set the expectation and clue readers into the information that will be provided. Some effective terms include:

  • Step-by-step guide
  • Ultimate guide
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Strategies
  • Ideas
  • Insights
  • Secrets

A-B Test Your Headlines

Headlines are not permanent. If you find a post is not receiving the sort of traffic you expected, try out a new headline. Switch things up, fine-tune the headline and see if that changes the results.

Backup Your Quality Headline

You need to back up that quality headline with interesting and engaging content. While it’s great if a user follows a link, it’s even better if they stick around. Compelling content that provides value will encourage users to read the post and spend time on your site. Quality content also demonstrates that you’re not just writing click-bait headlines. People don’t like feeling like they’ve been taken advantage of, and writing a catchy headline worthy of clicks that leads to a garbage article will not endear your brand to your readers. 

Ready to Get Writing?

Did that make sense, or do you want to learn more? Let me know. Headlines are just one part of the SEO process, and while they’re important, you likely have a lot going on, and other issues need your attention. If you want to talk about turning over your SEO and content needs, I’m here to listen and help.

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