Why You Should Put Social Media Apps to Work for Your Business

Maximize Time and Effort

Social media is probably a major component of your marketing strategy. If it isn’t, you may want to revisit your strategy. Social media brings a lot to the table and can seriously help you grow your business, but it takes time and a whole ton of trial and error. Even after you master the tips and tricks to keep your business relevant, social media still requires a consistent time commitment. Learn how to make the most of your time while still gaining all of the benefits social media has to offer by taking advantage of social media apps.

Get the App Version

The most basic type of social media app you should be using is simply the app version of the platform. All social media platforms feature downloadable apps. Use the app to access the platform via your phone. App versions may not always have the full functionality of the website version. Although, apps will display nicely and be much easier to use on your smartphone.

Being able to access your business social media accounts on your phone enables you to make great use of every spare minute. Whether you are sitting in a waiting room, or if you arrive early for your parental carpool obligations, you can get on social media to engage with your followers, answer questions and just be available.

Clean Up Your Act

Typos and grammar mistakes are going to happen, but fix them before they go live by using the Grammarly Keyboard app. Much how regular Grammarly catches errors when your working on your desktop or laptop, the app version does the same while communicating on your Apple or Android device.

Social Media AppsMake Things Interesting

Visual communication is necessary to increase engagement. Photos, graphics, and videos cause social media users to stop scrolling and see what you have to offer. Luckily, there are a lot of easy-to-use social media apps available to create amazing visuals.

CutStory makes easy work of editing videos into Instagram stories, while Apple Clips lets you add text and special effects to video clips. Make your videos look like you hired a professional by using Adobe Premiere Rush. If you want to create graphics and edit photos try Canva. Stunning visuals grab users’ attention. All of these social media apps make it easy to create high-end and quality visual content.

Start Trending

Using the right hashtag at the right time can drastically increase engagement and introduce your brand to a massive audience. But who has time to perpetually monitor trending hashtags? Download Keyhole to take care of the busy work for you.

Keyhole enables you to track hashtags, keywords and even URLs. This information gives you a real-time glimpse into how people are engaging with your brand. Simply input the variables you want to track and the app will let you know when your terms are trending. You can use this information to maximize engagement and stay up-to-date with campaigns.

Social Media AppsSchedule Content

Through analytics, you can determine when your followers are logged in and active. You want your posts to go live at these opportune times to maximize the odds of your followers engaging with your posts. However, your schedule may not allow you to be ready to post when your followers are available, especially if you are in a different time zone than the majority of your demographic. The solution lies in scheduling posts.

Some social media platforms enable users with admin privileges to schedule posts. If your social media platform of choice does not have this functionality, try out apps like Buffer and Hootsuite. Both social media apps allow you to schedule posts to publish on your social accounts at the dates and times of your choosing, or you can let the apps auto-schedule your posts.

Maximize Your Time

Scheduling content lets you make the best use of your time and ensures you don’t forget to post. Sometimes the day can get away from you and other issues may come up, so you won’t have time to log in. Setting everything up ahead of time ensures you maintain an active social media presence, even when you are pulled away to take care of other things.

See Everything All Together

Another major perk of scheduling social media posts is it gives you a big picture view. Seeing all of your posts in a queue makes it easy to spot any gaps, missed opportunities or patterns. For instance, maybe you are promoting yourself too much and not posting other content or maybe you never post during key times when your users are most active. Identifying these issues makes it possible to be more proactively strategic in your posts.

Social Media AppsLook at the Data

Reviewing analytics is potentially boring. However, gaining a better understanding of your demographic and figuring out how they use social media enables you to best position your posts. Decipher the data using apps like Hootsuite Analytics and Twitonomy to understand why your posts perform the way they do. You can then use this information to improve the reach and performance of future posts.

Using Social Media Apps to Grow Your Business

Any app that helps you maximize your social media marketing efforts is worth the investment. What apps do you use to improve your social media reach? Are you interested in learning more and making the most of your social media marketing? Reach out and I can help!

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